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Secure Your Gmail Account :- Hello Guys In This Article We Are Going To Talk About How To Secure Your Google Account From Hacking Attempts Malpractices And Lots Of Other Thread So Guys We Mostly Used Google Services Like Gmail Youtube Google Search Engine And Lots Of Other Google Services And We Control All The Things With One Google Account So Guys It's Very E Important That We Secure Our Gmail Account Or Google Account From Hackers Because Our Lots Of Data Like Credit Card Details Search Engine History And Lots Of Other Important Data Are Stored In The Google Account So Guys It's Very Important To Save Or Secure Our Google Account From Hacking Or Malpractices In This Article I Am Going To Tell You That How We Can Easily Secure Our Our Gmail Account It So No One Can Easily Able To Hack Our Gmail Accounts Without Wasting Any More Time Like This Started

Secure Your Gmail Account

Sugar Is Through This Article I Am Going To Give You Some Of The Best Tips To Secure Your Gmail Account From Hacking Attempts You Guys If You You Wanted To Secure Your Gmail Account Then Try To Read All The Tip That Is Given By Me On All The Tips Are Recommended By Google Also So Advise If You Wanted To Get These Kind Of Tips Related To Blogging Internet Tips Whatsapp Group Links Entertainment Articles And Lots Of Other Kinds Of Stop Then This Website Is Only For You Because We Regularly Provide These Kinds Of Content For Our Visitors So Regularly Visit Our Website For Awesome Period Of Time

Google Account Security Checkup

So The First Method That We Can Use To Secure Our Gmail Account Is 2 Who Regularly Check Our Google Account Security Checkup So This Service Will Help Us To Check All The Necessary Details Of Accounts Like Whenever We E Login From Someone Else System To Our Id Then It Will Show When We Logged In From Which Computer And Which Time So If Any Unauthorised Access Is Happen In Your Gmail Account Then It's Highly Recommended To Change Your Password By Going To Sign In And Security

2 Step Verification Method

Google Also Provide Two-Step Verification Method Where Users Can Secure Their Gmail Account It More Safely By Enabling Two-Step Verification Method Which Is Located In Google Security Centre Anyone Can Secure Their Account Using Google Two-Step Verification Where Users Have To Provide Mobile Number And Email Address For Recovery

Change Your Gmail Account Password In Regular Intervals

Google Recommends That In Regular Intervals We Should Change Our Gmail Account Password So It Is Very Hard To Hack Our Account And This Will Secure Your Gmail Account From Hacking And Fishing Attempts

Choose Strong Password

Whenever You Create Your Password Try To You Choose Strong Password And Always Enter Special Characters Into It So It Will Very Difficult To To Hack Your Password Never Add Your Name Mobile Number In Your Password Because It Will So Easy To Guess

Google Prompts

Google Prompt Is Another Important Service For Securing Your Gmail Account If You Enable This Service So Whenever You Login From Any Of The Device It Will Prompt You For Verification That You Login Or Not If You Click On Yes Then It Will Open Your Account And If You Click On No Then It Will Instantly Block Your Account And Tell You Where You Have Logged On

Add Recovery Email Or Mobile Number

It Is Very Important To Add Recovery Email Or Mobile Number In Your Gmail Account Whenever You Forgot Your Password Or Log Out Of Your Account Then This Recovery Email Or Mobile Number Will Help You To Get Back To Your Account

Remove Unauthorised Apps

If You Using Your Gmail Account From Longer Period Of Time And You Have Authorised So Many Apps That Is Is Dangerous For Your Your Gmail Account Then Do The First Thing That Removes All The The Unauthorised Apps And Sites From Your Gmail Account

Unauthorized Websites

Never Enter Your Gmail Account Id Or Password On Unauthorised Website If You Don't Know What Kinds Of Website Error Unauthorised Then Simplicity On The Bottom Of The Url Box If The Website Is Http Then It Is Showing On Red Colour That Makes This Website Is Not Safe So Do Not Enter Any Kind Of Personal Details On These Kinds Of Website And If The Https Is Enabled In The Https Is Showing In Green Colour That Means Website Is Safe And You Can Enter Any Of Your Details On The Website

Final Words

These All Are The The Important Factors Of Securing Your Gmail Account From Hacking So Guys I Hope You All Have Now Understand That How We Can Easily Secure Our Gmail Account From Hacking If You Guys Found This Article Helpful Then Try To Share This Article With Maximum Number Of Your Friends So They Will Also Be Able To Secure Their Accounts Using These Tips And Guys If You Wanted To Know These Kinds Of Articles And Tips And Tricks Then Follow Our Website And Regularly Visit Our Website

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