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Future Of Blogging In India:- Hello Guys Welcome To My Website In This Website I Am Going To Tell You About Lots Of New Things Like Whatsapp Group Links Blogging Ideas Entertainment Stuff And Lots Of Other Thing So Guys In This First Article Of Our Website I Am Going To Tell You About What Is The Future Of Blogging In India So Guys I Hope This Article Will Help You To Understand What Is Blog In What Is The Benefits Of Blogging How We Can Start Blogging Can We Earn From Blogging And Lots Of Other Things That Is Related To Blogging So Guys If You Wanted To Know All The Things That I Have Mentioned Above Simply Read The Full Article So Guys Without Wasting Any E Time Let's Get Start Our Article

What Is Blogging In India

Blog Is A Website Where Individuals Share Their Thoughts Opinions Which Matter To Other People, Blogging First Started In Mid 90s And That Time Blogging Called We Blog But After Sometime It Is Started Calling Blog Or Blogging, Once People Started Sharing Their Thoughts Their Opinions On The Blocks That Is Hosted By Www Mans World Wide Web It Started Introducing New Technology In Blog

How To Start Blog Easily

If You Wanted To Start Block Then This Article Is Really Going To Help You Because In This Article I Am Going To Tell You That How You Can Simply Create Your Blog And Start Sharing Your Thoughts Your Opinion On The Internet So Lots Of People Will Get Your Opinions

There Are Lots Of Ways Where You Can Start Your Blog But In This Time There Are Two Main Ways Where Can Start Your Blog These Are

1. Wordpress

2. Google Blogger

1. Wordpress

Wordpress Is The First Choice Of Those People Who Wanted To Start Blogging And Make Career On It Because Wordpress Have Many Type Of Features That Google Blogger Doesn't Have But Google Blogger Is Way More Famous Than Wordpress Because Wordpress Takes Money But Google Blogger Don't, Wordpress Have Many Types Of Plugins Which Will Surely Going To Help You To Rank Your Website

If You Wanted To Make Your Website In Wordpress Then You Have To Pay Some Of The Money For Your Domain Or Your Hosting Provider

2. What Is Google Blogger


Google Blogger Is A Platform Where Anyone Can Start Their Blog For Free They Will Get Free Subdomain From Google And They Will Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting As Well So If You Are A Beginner And Trying To Start Your Blog And Google Blogger Is Best Option For You Once You Get All The Knowledge About Blogging Then You Can Go To Wordpress But As A Beginner Level Google Blogger Is The Best Thing That You Have Right Now

Can We Earn From Blogging

The Answer Is Yes We Can Earn Lots Of Money From Blogging And There Are Lots Of Ways Where People Can Earn From Their Blog Like Affiliate Marketing Google Adsense And Lots Of Other Publishing Website That Allows Their Users To Monetize Their Website And Start Earning From Their Websites In Order To Get Those Website Approval You Need To Add Some Articles To Your Blog And Make High Quality Content To Your Website So I Will Get Approval Fast

So Now Guys I Hope You All Have Understand What Is Blogging How We Can Start A Blog How We Can Earn From Our Blog So Guys I Hope You All Have Understand The Fact About Blogging Now Let's Come To The Main Topic That What Is The Future Of Blogging In Indian Society And How It Is Important For Younger People In India

Future Of Blogging In India

1. Whenever We Heard The Term Blogging The First Thing That Comes In Our Mind Is Money Because Blogging Can Make Anyone As Rich As The Never Thought In Their Dreams But This Process Will Take Sometime But For Our Parents Blogging Is Way Different Than We Think Because They Don't Think That Blogging As Any Career

2. As Indian Parents Their Mind Set  About Successful People Is Just To Take Government Job, And If You Tell Your Parents That You Want To Do Blogging As A Career Then They Will Never Allow You To Do Blogging Because Blogging Is Not A Safe Career In Their Mind Set

3. The Reason About People Are Not Aware Of Blogging Is Internet There Are Lots Of Villages And Places In India Where Internet Is Is Not Available They Are Not Aware Of Anything That Is Related To Internet

4. People Here From India Always Thought About Permanent Job Rather Than Blogging

5. According To Indian People Blogging Is Just Waste Of Time And It Will Not Secure Anyone's Future But There Are Lots Of Example That Shows That People Become Rich Just Because Of Blogging And They Become Overnight Stars

6. But Blogging Is Still Developing Day By Day And Lots Of Youngsters Are Joining Blog Everyday

Problem With Indian People About Blogging

1. I Have Discovered After Going Through Some Of The Example That Hire People From India Start Blog Just To Earn Money Not On Their Interest And When They Do Not Get Results That They Are Waiting For After Some Of The Months That Fit Blogging And Started Spreading Rumours That It Is Just A Waste Of Time

2. There Are Lots Of Other Examples That People Started Blogging And They Just Left The Blogging After 1 Or 2 Weeks Because They Did Not Get The Result They Expected

Why People Start Blogging 

There Are Lots Of Reason That People Start Blogging But One Of The Most Common Reason About Starting A Blog Is To Earn Money From Blogging And There Are Lots Of Other Reason That Why People Start Blog So Let's Look And I On On These Reasons Too
1. Share Their Views Opinion Thoughts About Particular Topic

2. To Promote Their Brand

3. Earn Money From Blog By Monetizing Their Websites

4. People Start Block To Connect With Other People Around The World

5. They Start Blog Because They Love Blogging

Final Words

So These Are All The Things That I Have Mention Is The The Things That I Have Know About Blogging And I Hope That You All Now Understand What Is Blog What Is The Importance Of Blogging What Is The Future Of Blogging In India So That's All We Have From Today I Hope You All Guys Have Enjoyed This Article As Much As I I Enjoyed If You Guys Have Found This Article Enjoyable Then Try To Save This Article With All Of Your Friends

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